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The 1975 writes song for One Direction

The 1975 during the press conference at the Fairmont Makati (MJD)

The 1975 during the press conference at the Fairmont Makati (Photo by Mikee Delizo)

Fast-rising English alternative indie band The 1975 has confirmed rumors that they are writing a track for the world’s biggest boy band today, One Direction. On the surface it might seem like an odd combination, but it just might be a new direction, so to speak, for the pop quintet.

The rumor started when entertainment and lifestyle website Sugar Scape recently posted photos of One Direction seemingly hanging out with members of The 1975 and Fall Out Boy during what could have been a recording session.

Vocalist-guitarist Matthew Healy was quick to admit to the issue, telling members of the press, “We don’t collaborate, we’re writing the song for them. They (One Direction) asked us and we said yes. Fantastic!”

Healy related that he simply met with members of the popular boy band and “started playing around.”

He sees nothing wrong working with the five-piece young group, maintaining, “They’re cool and nice. They just feel like 19-year-old boys and they’re like… (doing jazz hands).”

The 1975

The 1975

‘Stay in School’

Meanwhile, Healy, son of veteran actors Denise Welch and Tim Healy, urged his Filipino fans to finish school even as they pursue other passions.

“Stay in school. There’s so many band in the world and in our country. We’re just very, very lucky, we’re fortunate. My advice is just pursue things for happiness,” he said.

Apart from Healy, The 1975 is composed of Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums), and Ross MacDonald (bass). All met at Wilmslow High School in their early teens and since then, they’ve been writing songs mainly about life in their home city of Manchester.

The band’s first EP titled “Facedown,” released in August 2012, instantly made waves on UK radio.

Still, it wasn’t as if The 1975 is an overnight success. The 10-year-old band was rejected many times by major labels prior to getting signed up.

With the experience, Healy concluded, “You don’t really need a big record label in order to be a big band. That’s not true and there’s no such thing as that. You just need to be really a good band. Just believe in yourselves.”

The 1975 visited Manila for a series of mall shows. They were a consistent trending topic on Twitter Philippines during their stay.

The band is currently working on the follow up to their eponymous debut.

  • Vnoch

    And when asked what the title of the song will be,
    they said “We think its best to write a song that will be loved my people all around so the title will be named “Willies” and it’s chorus goes a little something like ♪♪ Willies. willies, I like willies♪♪”
    They also added that the Word “Willies” means “Penis” in the UK.