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The wow in ‘Wow Mali’

Joey De Leon, Manila Bulletin

Joey De Leon

When showbiz reporter Glen Sibonga asked me, “Ano pakiramdam na ’di ka na kasali sa new talk show ng TV5?” I quickly answered, “Ay, pwede ko pa ipagpilitan ang sarili ko. ’Di pa naman nag-pi-pilot!” Of course my reply was a joke! (’di naman ako gahaman!). I honestly felt bad when it was announced that I won’t be part of the show because above anything else, I’ll be missing my colleagues there (actually they are my good friends!).

But, as I always say, everything in television is temporary (at mabilis ang palitan ha!). I am just thankful that the network gave me another project which I truly love. I am proud to say that I will be part of a multi-awarded gag/comedy show’s comeback. The show I grew up with, “Wow Mali,” which is now called “Wow Mali Pa Rin!” with of course the one and only henyo, Mr. Joey de Leon.

It’s been nearly two decades when “Wow Mali” aired its pilot episode. It had some breaks but every time it returned, it never failed to set trends and records on Philippine TV. There were several seasons they incorporated my tag “May ganon” on the show and it became “Wow Meganon.” That was my first time to finally work with Joey (one of my best experiences in showbiz!).

I have witnessed how the production team would conceptualize and produce the segments. They have already mastered the “art of pang-goo-goodtime” (pwede na sila magpatayo ng school for this!). I may sound biased but I remember saying in an interview that, for me, “Wow Mali” is the pambansang pang-goo-good time! Other local networks have tried to produce a similar show but nothing beats the original (walang aangal!).

It was a delight to see the “Wow Mali” team again for our first shoot. As always, they were prepared to produce our segment. They know where to place the hidden cameras, they know how to instruct the talents, and they know where to get the “subjects”(or should I say “victims?”). I am still amazed how they do it. I could hear my segment producer Madz Aguilar tell the crew, “O, alam niyo na ’yan…” (feeling ko kahit nakapikit alam na nilang gawin ang lahat!). I can also hear cameramen and staff who would suggest how to make the segment funnier and more interesting (group effort ito! Push!).

My segment is called “Oh CAM On!” which still features the show’s signature “pang-goo-goodtime” but with the concept of looking for a “Good Samaritan.” For example: If a person is in a disturbing or problematic situation, will the “subject” help him or just ignore him as if he does not exist? It was in this segment where I saw an openly gay person, who suddenly showed his masculine moves just to save someone’s life (palaban si ate at pang-teleserye ang eksena!).

I have also seen the rushes for our pilot and I must say, “Wow Mali” has truly evolved. With the new technology, expect a wackier and funnier show and especially with Joey’s guidance, how can you get wrong?! There will be segments that will use the power of high technology (huma-high tech!). Celebrities will be part of some of the pranks (of course may celebrities pa rin na ma-pa-prank!). They have also discovered new talents who will be part of the gags (pang-Oscars ang acting!).

“Wow Mali” has already established its brand of comedy (na pwede na rin pumasang reality show ha!). Expect funny stories from people when you ask them about their most memorable “Wow Mali” segment (I’m sure may maaalala siya kahit man lang isa!). Also, expect people to say whenever something funny happens, or if someone experiences a prank or a joke… “ Ay, na- wow mali siya!” (kahit di naman wow mali ang may sala!).

“Wow Mali Pa Rin!” premieres on Sept. 15, 8 p.m. It is one of eight shows to be launched this weekend on the new TV5 primetime block (ang ’di manood, igoo-good time ko! Push!).