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The year that was funpage junior reporters share what the year 2013 has taught them

Yolanda victimsWhat happened in Visayas was sad but it also taught me a lesson— that we could turn anything sad into a happy moment. My family and I volunteered to pack relief goods for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. It was tiring but it felt great that I am doing something. I feel happier whenever I see them smile on TV. I know that in my own little way, I contributed to those smiles.

- Cindy Sienna Santos, 8


For the year 2013, I learned to believe in myself. I believed that I can be top 1 in my batch this school year, and with determination, hard-work, and prayers, I achieved my goal. I also believed that I can sing and perform well in front of a crowd, and it happened! I was chosen to be one of the lead singers in our school’s Christmas performance. So even in seemingly hopeless times, just believe and don’t lose hope because our Father is the greatest of all fathers.

- Bianca Angelica Diaz Añago, 15


Carpe Diem (Seize the day!). That was what I learned this year when my best friend died. It was horrible that the one you thought you’d graduate high school with and be best friends forever was no longer there. From all those sleepless nights, crying for my friend, I learned that time is too precious to waste and each and every minute must be enjoyed to the fullest. It is in living in the present, forgetting the past that too often hinders us from seeing the future, that we can sincerely say we’ve had a life well-lived.

- Colleen Chua, 15


This year, I learned to “jump in.” In an acting workshop, my instructors taught us to jump in and take the stage. Now, I always try to go beyond my comfort zone. Whether it’s reciting in class, even if I’m not sure of the answer or riding that scary rollercoaster, I always remember to jump in and take on every opportunity that comes my way.

- Diana Mendoza, 15


Illustration by Eugene Cubillo

Illustration by Eugene Cubillo

This year brought a lot of destruction to our country by way of typhoons, earthquakes, and an even armed conflict. A lot of lives were destroyed and many dreams were shattered. This made me think more about life and how it should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.

- Aidan Reyes, 11


Conflicts between friends – no matter how big or bad – can be resolved. This was what I learned in 2013. Several months ago, one of my best buddies did something that truly hurt me and she wouldn’t apologize. I discovered then that even the strongest of friendships could weaken or even fail and that close pals could end up as enemies. But during our Christmas party, that friend gave me a gift. This made me thankful and hopeful that we could be good friends again.

- Andrea G. Posadas, 12


I learned that nothing good comes out of conflict. We saw that with what happened in Zamboanga, when people who were supposedly fighting for their rights destroyed the city. We also saw it again when people in our government were fighting about who should be responsible for the city when Typhoon Yolanda came. Again, bickering didn’t get them anywhere. There should be less fight, more work. That way, they will accomplish more things.

- Elizabeth Sy, 13


Last September, my uncle passed away. A couple of months after, my cousin passed away. It was so sad to celebrate Christmas, but I learned to trust God. Knowing that He is in control, I know that He will guide me through this hardship and brighten up my day whenever I’m down.

- Marcie Grace C. Que, 10


I learned this year to not trust in first impressions. We should take time to know a person before we judge them or say something about them. As they say, “treat others how you want to be treated.”

- Audrey Pe, 12


This year, I learned to never be afraid of trying new things. Trying new things can lead you to different places and can help you learn more. This lesson changed me because it taught me to live life to the fullest by expanding my knowledge by trying out new things.

- Maxine Juan, 12