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Top 10 fashion trends of 2013

What did you wear this past year? What should you keep? And what should you throw away? Check our list to see what makes you cringe the most!

Right about this time, many lifestyle publications and style-centric websites will be pronouncing their fearless fashion forecasts for 2014. But before you decide what items to add to your closet this year, why don’t we take a look at the year just past and dissect those trends that titillated, intrigued, or just downright baffled us (us, meaning the over-40 set who can’t bear to bare skin, or stagger in stilettoes)? Here are the top 10 fashion trends that you and everyone’s mother wore in 2013.

Philippine  Fashion Week, origami skirt, Manila Bulletin, Zoe Laurente

Status magazine’s Zoe Laurente wears an origami skirt to Philippine Fashion Week




1. Origami skort.  Nobody knows how—or why—this particular item was suddenly on everybody’s hips. Many blame Zara as the one that mass-produced the skirt/shorts hybrid—in front it was a mini skirt with overlapping pointy panels; at the back it was short shorts. Many copycats later, we doubt any self-respecting style blogger will be caught dead wearing them this year.


Wedge sneaker, Elle Girl, Manila Bulletin

Wedge sneakers by Elle Girl


2. Wedge sneaker. Or sneaker wedge. However you call it, if you wore a pair you got to fool people that you were either a) three inches taller than you actually were; or b) athletic. Of which you were neither. Other shoe styles we saw a lot of in 2013: oxford/wingtip brogues and Valentino’s Rockstud shoes (in flats and heels).


Patricia Prieto, half-tucked shirt, Manila Bulletin

Blogger Patricia Prieto in a half-tucked shirt



3. Half-tucked-in shirt. It was difficult to achieve this look. Done right, you give off an insouciant vibe, like you’re too cool to care about what’s trendy, but just so happen to show off a funky belt. Done wrong, well, you just looked sloppy or, worse, stupid. Who the hell walks out of the house forgetting to tuck in half her shirt?


Laureen  Uy , cropped top, Manila Bulletin

Blogger Laureen Uy combines two trends: mixed prints and a cropped top



4. Crop top. Reminiscent of the hanging shirts of the early 90s (shudder), it was a trend not everyone could carry. Obviously, you had to be comfortable exposing your tummy—or hopefully just a sliver of it. On the extreme end were sports-bra-type tops that exposed the bellybutton; on the more modest end were short baby tees worn with high-waisted bottoms for a more ladylike turn.


Sam Humphries, wide-brim hat, Forever 21, Manila Bulletin

Sam Humphries models a wide-brim hat by Forever 21




5. Wide-brim hat. This is a trend that is on the verge of extinction due to the recent proposal to ban caps inside malls. Can you imagine what havoc a wide-brim hat can wreak? You will be suspected of planning a robbery! (Stick to a ski mask.) Other headgear trends this past year: the knit beanie and the flower crown.


BYS Glitter, Nail art, Manila Bulletin

BYS Glitter For Nails


6. Nail art. Next to food, fresh manicures were one of the most Instagrammed objects in 2013. But these were not ordinary manicures, mind you—it was art! Aside from miniature “paintings” of pandas, Minions, and even Jesus Christ, manicures also took on textures such as caviar, velvet, sand, and actual diamonds.


Black optical frame, Manila Bulletin, Bulgari

Black optical frame by Bulgari

7. Hipster eyeglasses. Dudes in the know have been wearing the huge, retro-style, black-rimmed specs (lens optional) for a couple of years now till the rest of the world caught on to its cool factor. And so the death of the hipster happened. So please use these glasses only if you actually need them to see—not as a prop to make yourself look smarter than you actually are. Another eyewear trend in 2013 was mirrored-lens sunglasses.


Bianca Gonzalez,  Vidal Sassoon, Manila Bulletin

Bianca Gonzalez gets a severe bob from Vidal Sassoon



8. Shorter hair. Is it time to take the plunge? Well, when Beyonce goes short and makes headline news, we say yay! And after Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence stunned the world with her new short ‘do at the Catching Fire premiere, she went from innocent starlet to hot movie star. Local personalities followed suit going from long locks to edgy bobs and pixie cuts: Bianca Gonzalez, Joey Mead, Ria Bolivar, Pam Quiñones, and Ingrid Chua-Go, among others. Other major hair trends included pastel- and ombré-dyed hair, and the sock bun.


Fashion filmmaker, Fold Canela, plaid shirt, Manila Bulletin

Fashion filmmaker Fold Canela adds a plaid shirt to his all-black ensemble



9. Grunge. For kids who weren’t around the first time grunge went mainstream (the 90s were 20 years ago, folks!), this was their chance to go all Nirvana. Most notable items were the plaid shirt—preferably red, flannel, oversized, and tied around the waist—and Dr. Martens boots.


Scott Schuman, selfie, The Sartorialist, Manila Bulletin

That’s me taking a selfie with Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist!


10. The selfie. Taking pictures of oneself by oneself is not a new concept—but using the phone to do it is. And with the soaring popularity of phone-app Instagram, it was inevitable that people—especially those in cute outfits—would be posting pictures of themselves taken by, err, themselves. Hey, it’s the word of the year.