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Trucks without franchise will be seized, fined P200,000 starting today – LTFRB

Starting today, trucks-for-hire sporting green plates will be apprehended aside from paying a steep fine of P200,000 after the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) lifted its “no apprehension policy.”

In a roundtable discussion with Manila Bulletin editors yesterday, LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez said yesterday was the last day for operators to file their petitions for provisional authority with application for franchise. “This means that starting Saturday, operators of trucks-for-hire sporting green plates that do not have provisional authority will be apprehended and penalized,” he said.

‘FINE!’ — Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Boar (LTFRB) Chairman Winston Ginez gestures as he explains how a P200,000 fine will be imposed on trucks-for-hire sporting green plates starting today, during yesterday’s the panel interview with editors of the Manila Bulletin at the newspaper’s main office in Intramuros, Manila. (Richard Viñas)

‘FINE!’ — Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Boar (LTFRB) Chairman Winston Ginez gestures as he explains how a P200,000 fine will be imposed on trucks-for-hire sporting green plates starting today, during yesterday’s the panel interview with editors of the Manila Bulletin at the newspaper’s main office in Intramuros, Manila. (Richard Viñas)

“Under the joint administrative order (JAO) 2014-01 of the LTFRB and the Land Transportation Office (LTO), operators of unregistered or colorum trucks-for-hire will be fined P200,000. The new rate is way steeper than the previous rate of P6,000, which was implemented before the LTO and LTFRB revised the schedule of fines and penalties for traffic and franchise law violations,” Ginez explained.

The JAO took effect last June 19 but the LTFRB issued a “No Apprehension Policy” for trucks-for-hire sporting green plates to give operators 30 days to secure the necessary permits. The move, Ginez stressed, was meant to prevent cargo transportation paralysis that could eventually disrupt the supply chain and affect the country’s economy.


The “No Apprehension Policy” for trucks-for-hire was extended from July 29 to August 29 to further accommodate applicants but the amnesty was cut short when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) blamed the LTFRB’s move for the worsening traffic congestion in Metro Manila. Applications for provisional authority to operate trucks-for-hire were only entertained until last Friday as part of the arrangement with MMDA.

“Beginning on Monday, operators can still apply for permits but we will not grant provisional authorities anymore. Operators will have to wait until their franchises are issued before they go back to the streets or risk being fined P200,000 for operating colorum trucks,” he pointed out.

Ginez said that applications for provisional authority to operate trucks-for-hire surged from 28,000 units last August 8 to 33,000 Thursday, August 14.

Meanwhile, private truck owners no longer need to secure exemption from the regulation since the LTFRB has decided to recall its earlier policy requiring not-for-hire trucks to apply for an exemption.

“After consultation meeting with the business sector and due to the clamor of businessmen and traders with trucks being utilized exclusively in their business operations, the LTFRB recalls Memorandum Circular 2014-011 which accepts filing of application or petition for exemption in the operation of truck for hire freight services,” the LTFRB’s Memorandum Circular 2014-014 reads.

“Applicants who filed applications or petitions for exemption prior to the issuance of the MC shall be eligible for refund of payment and charges,” the MC dated August 14, 2014 further stated.

To justify their road trips, Ginez suggested that owners mark their trucks with “not-for-hire”, with their trade/business name and bring the vehicle’s official receipt, certificate of registration, as well as delivery or official receipts.

  • troy

    LTFRB is seeding an economic sabotage. Who will suffer of their apprehension? The delivery truck owners? Certainly not. The Philippine economy itself. Come to think of if.

    These delivery truck owners sure have a vehicle CR, business to operate and for sure paying their common tax. If they (truckers) violated the traffic rules. Go ahead. Catch and impose fine. They are the back bone of the Philippine economy. Economy grows by this means of this modern means of transportation. Without them , what means of transportation is capable of transporting the cargo? Train? And where these trucks will pass? In the air? Funny indeed.

    Millions of different type vehicles, peoples now are using the Metro Manila road. But the same road and street never expanded until now. Study the viable Metro Manila road. How to re route these trucks in order to temporary ease traffic.

    Growing number of delivery trucks in MM is a positive sign of growing economy. Reduced their number in the road is a sign of poor and slow down of economy.

    • juliet

      There is a concrete solution laid out. But the problem is truckers don’t want to cooperate and make sacrifice to work night time and weekend. They are making the public hostage for their personal interest. They must abide the law.. not theirs!

      By the way DPWH has already a plan to solve the traffic problem. Building skyways and coastal roads. But it will not be done overnight. That’s why this truck ban is only temporary solution.

      If the past administration made this projects before.. we have minimized the traffic nowadays. Puro lang kasi kurakot ang inatupag nila noon. Tapos itong Presidente natin na gusto tayong ibangon sa kahirapan.. pilit pa ring ibinabagsak at isinisisi sa kanya ang lahat ng problema simula sa singkong duling pataas.

      • Kulas

        When you say “the DPWH has already a plan to solve the traffic problem”, how did you know? Are you an ranking official of DPWH? Also, the building skyways and coastal highways are NOT the solutions at all to our traffic jams. How many skyways can the government build with the limited funds allocated for infrastructures? As soon as these skyways are open to motorists traffic, they will be jammed in no time at all. Also, these skyways are designed to serve mostly car owners who comprise 5% of road users. What about the 95 % of commuters who depend on public transportation, don’t they count at all? Truck ban is not a solution either to our traffic woes; if you do that, you will stop the flow of goods and thereby increase unemployment and hurt our economy.

        The lasting solution to our traffic gridlock that costs our economy P2 billion daily is to develop an inadequate mass transit system, like in other cities in the world. Metro Manila now has a combined population of 26 million, similar to Metropolitan Seoul, South Korea’s 25.6 million population. While we only have 3 LRT/MRT lines, and poorly maintained at that, Seoul has 17 subway lines, plus 2 light trains and it plans to build 7 more LRT lines up to year 2017. It’s subway system is tagged by CNN as the best in the world. Singapore, a city-state with just 5 million people, has 4 well-maintained MRT train lines linked with city buses. Singapore restrict the number of cars too in their city. if you had traveled to Singapore, you would noticed how comfortable and speedy to travel around there, compared to our Metro Manila’s traffic from hell. The solution to our traffic woes is to build more MRT lines, subway when possible and elevated when in low lying areas. If our inept and clueless government will build more MRT lines with adequate capacity, linked with buses, then many motorists will leave their cars at home and thereby ease the traffic congestion.

        And stop advertising how good BS Aquino the Turd is. He is an incompetent and a crook who is averse to transparency in disbursing public funds.

        • juliet

          Kung nabasa mo lang ang mga nakaraan kong komentaryo, nasabi kong hopeless masulusyunan ang problema sa trapiko diyan kasi sa kapabayaan ng mga nagdaang administrasyon. Kulang sa foresight. Kaya nga sakit din sa ulo ni Pnoy paano masusulusyunan. Sa mass transit naman, hindi pa ba naaprobahan ang extension ng LRT papunta ng cavite. Meron na rin yatang plano papuntang bulakan o hanggang subic.

          Hindi ba dumadaan sa skyway ang mga public buses? Tungkol naman sa coastal road, may plano silang gumawa ng dike para sa flood control at sa ibabaw nito ang circumferential road. Ibig sabihin kung galing ka ng south at papunta ka ng north hindi mo na kailangang dumaan sa Edsa.

          Iyong sinasabi mong style ng Singapore o Europe malapit na iyan sa katotohanan gawin na rin ng Pilipinas kung patuloy lang ang ating pag-unlad. Meron ng design si Palafox diyan. Ang sikat na architect ng Pilipinas.

          Nasabi ko ito base na rin sa pagkahilig ko magbasa ng maraming mga pahayagan at pag reresearch sa internet.

          • Kulas

            Dream on Juliet. Mahigit na apat na taon na si Abnoy sa pwesto, wala pa ring nangyayari sa LRT extension na sinasabi mo. Matapos man ito, kulang na kulang pa rin. Sa Seoul, Korea, 17 ang subway lines, samantalang dito sa Metro Manila 3 LRT/MRT lines lang, sirain pa. Haaay, buhay Pinas!

            Pero merong P25 billion yearly, P150 bilyon DAP pang suhol sa Congreso bago nabuko na kinukurakot lang pala ito, P137 Billion Malampaya funds, P1.3 Trillion Presidential pork barrel, pero walang pondo para sa additional MRT/LRT lines, kaya isang kilometro ang haba ng pila ng mga train passengers na isang oras bago makasakay ng tren. Hindi ba buwisit ang sistema ito? Ha ha ha!

          • juliet

            We will see. Hindi ako nawawalan ng pag-asa. Habang may buhay, may pag-asa.

  • juliet

    Make it 1 million that nobody will dare to violate! Problem solved. Why still give them a chance to violate the law???

    • troy

      LOL….grabe ka talaga. Pag sa pagkakaperahan. Gawin mo mang sampung milyon ang multa, ganun pa rin ang resulta, Ma-traffic pa rin. Hindi po lumalapad at nagbabago ang laki ng EDSA at Manila road. Diyan ituon ang isip paano so-solution-nan ang traffic. Hindi ang lakihan ang multa. Para sa akin, inutil ang batas na yan. Hindi makatao at hindi nasagot ang problema. Dumarami ang mga sasakyan, hindi nagbabago ang daraanan. parang elevator yan. Kung ang kapasidad na kayang isakay ay 12, at ang mga sasakay na nakapila ay 1000? Paano? iisa lang ang elevator?

      • juliet

        Suggestion lang po. There are hundreds of possible solutions. Maybe mine is one of them. I understand 1 million is exaggerating but my point is the law should be strict.

        So, ibig mong sabihin we do nothing na lang. Buti pa ako may suggestion, ikaw wala akong narinig na solusyon.

  • Kulas

    Why do we have colorums and other illegal vehicles operating on our roads for years? Why, there are the milking cows of the crooks in DOTC and LTFRB. During campaign days, these vehicles are be impounded, then after areglos are made, they’re released to be impounded again in future campaigns. This modus operandi is just irritating. If these LTFRB people are not corrupt, they will give the owners of colorums a grace period to clean up their acts; after that, get all these illegal vehicles impounded and sell them at auction, with the proceeds going to our hospitals or indigent families. But I bet, DOTC people won’t.

    • troy

      Kulas… you don’t know? does it mean you don’t have vehicle and business? well…FYI, LTFRB is limiting the approval of franchise. 2nd… there is a court hearing before your franchise application is approve. Plus… you must follow and submit many requirements before your application can be entertain. Then… you may now allowed to use the vehicle after paying the necessary fees and tax.

      Maintaining the smooth flow road traffic is the main role of MMDA and traffic enforcers. DPWH regulates the development and maintenance of all road.

      This trio are the components of smooth traffic flow.

      • Kulas

        No, I don’t have a colorum vehicle. But if I have to operate a trucking business, I will do it legally.

        But I sympathize with you. You are right. It should not take too many steps and expense to get a franchise for as long as the applicant has resources to maintain his vehicles in good running condition. As of now, there is too much red tape in getting a franchise application approved, and the corrupt DOTC and its LFTRB branch want to keep it this way. Why? You know the answer: they want areglo, lagay through their fixers. Colorums are their milking cows.

        How do we fix this problem? Don’t vote for corrupt public officials who appoint their corrupt proteges at DOTC and LFTRB. Abaya should resign too.