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TV5 international one-upped giants in Middle East, North Africa

Claro Carmelo Ramirez, PGN President and CEO

Claro Carmelo Ramirez, PGN President and CEO

Pilipinas Global Network Limited (TV5 International) is said to have moved from third to second most watched Filipino channel in the Middle East and North Africa, reaching at least 1.2 million Pinoy viewers in the regions.

The feat was buoyed by TV5 International’s partnership with top pay-TV platform Orbit Showtime Network (OSN); the popularity of the PBA games, which the Kapatid Network carries exclusively; TV5 shows featuring well-known actors like Nora Aunor and Alice Dixson; the early airing of their news programs; and TV5’s affiliation with the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) company which uses FIBR then Internet Protocol technologies in distributing the Kapatid shows worldwide versus mere satellite platform.

The announcement was made during TV5’s renewal of contract with OSN, which was also graced attended by TV5 talents Ritz Azul, Valeen Montenegro, Edgar Allan Guzman and Empoy Marquez. The contract covers five years.

“We may be a start-up company playing among giants with small wins but because we are small, we are nimble and quick, flexible and accommodating, and friendly to work with. We can be likened to Thermophyles of the movie ‘300’ when we mark our milestones,” TV5 International Claro Carmelo Ramired said to that effect, adding that they deliberately played down media fanfare until they have something this big, significant and official to trumpet.

According to a release, among the most watched shows on Kapatid TV5 and Aksyon TV International channels are: the made-for-TV film offerings of the “Studio5 Original Movies;” the socio-experimental TV show, “Juan Direction;” the weekly comedy “Tropa Mo Ko Unli;” the longest running gag show on TV5, “Wow Mali Pa Rin;” nightly news program “Aksyon;” and the games in the National College Athletic Association (NCAA).

Both channels are also viewed in the US, Canada, Guam, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and anywhere in the world where there’s internet service on smart phones, laptops and similar gadgets.

In order to gain even more momentum in the Middle East and North Africa, TV5 will tape an episode of “Tropa Mo Ko Unli” in Dubai next month wherein some Pinoys based there will get the chance to meet and mingle with the show’s stars and be featured in sketches on the show. The network also has “Talentadong Pinoy” in the Middle East on the wings.

Representing OSN during the contract signing held at EDSA Shanri-La Makati was OSN Senior Vice President Emad Morcos.

“OSN’s goal is to be present in every Filipino household in the Middle East and North Africa and to serve as the bridge that connects overseas Filipinos to their homes here in the Philippines. With the renewal of our partnership with TV5 International, we are one step closer to that goal,”  Morcos was quoted in a release.