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UFCC stagfest set at Roligon

At least 90 fights will be fielded today in the Ultimate Fighting Cock Championship (UFCC) 6-Stag Derby series at the Roligon Mega Cockpit.

Today’s 3-stag elims are backed by Resorts World Manila and Thunderbird Power Feeds.  Finals will be on Saturday.

Peping Cojuangco (Brown Cat) and Ruben Taguba (Dampalit Cockpit) won the first leg while Arman Santos (Jade Red Pasay, Oct. 4) topped the second leg.

Meanwhile, UFCC president Charlie “Atong” Ang will host the Cobra Big Event 7-Stag Derby on Nov. 5 and 7 (3-4 format).

The NFGB National Bakbakan 11-Stag Derby will have its schedule at Roligon on Dec. 4 and 11.