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Will it be Nay-Vi in 2016?

Manila, Philippines – “Nay-Vi” for 2016?

As speculations about their 2016 team-up continue to spread, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay will be in Batangas province this Valentine’s Day to meet with his rumored “running mate,” Governor Vilma Santos-Recto.

So is Binay really courting the “Star for All Seasons” to be his vice presidential running mate when he runs for president in 2016?

Binay’s spokesman Joey Salgado said no, explaining the meeting is only about the government’s housing programs, the Vice President being the chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

Aside from Santos, Binay is also scheduled to meet with mayors of Balete, Mabini, Cuenca, Balayan and Batangas City.

The dialog will be held at 1 p.m. in the Batangas Provincial Capitol.

Salgado said the Batangas visit is part of Binay’s schedule to go around the country to discuss the national government’s housing programs with local government units.

Binay, whose father the late Diego Medrano Binay hailed from Batangas, has not been shy about his plans to seek the presidency in 2016.

But he has been tight-lipped about his preference for a running mate, noting he would create enemies this early if he would already name his prospect.

Binay would always say his focus for now is on his responsibilities as housing czar and President Benigno S. Aquino III’s Adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers’ Concerns.

Santos, who is on her last term as Batangas governor, earlier reportedly confirmed that he has indeed had talks with Binay but only for a government project.

Santos, wife of Senator Ralph Recto, is a member of the ruling Liberal Party.

Binay is the head of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan which is in a coalition with former President Joseph Estrada’s Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino.


    This is my list of possible Presidential Contenders, No political dynasty. The possibilities are, not necessarily in this order:


    Will it be nay-Vi in 2016?
    Undecided and Quite Desperate. Here is a desperate and “wanna be president so bad” mentality of the infamous jejomar binay. In the last few months, we have seen photos of possible running mates of jejomar binay and names in the news of possible vice presidential candidates. The binay camp has come up with one after the other candidate who they (binay camp) thinks would make the public and voters happy. No reaction from the public. The public is a lot smarter than the binay dynasty thinks, the public will not be swayed into these gimmicks, one of many by the binays, naming one after another vp candidates. Here are several names the binays came up with:
    1). Mar Roxas – a few months ago, binay and roxas had a photo op and posted in the news papers in manila, announcing a possible tandem between the two. The binays thought the voters or public would react positively. No reaction, or at least not much and it was not the reaction that the binay dynasty were hoping for. then came the next target of the infamous binay dynasty:
    2) Manny Villar – we’ve read in all the Philippine news papers that jejomar binay announced Manny Villar would be his running mate in 2016. But a few days later, we found out in the news that Manny Villar did not want to be binay’s running mate. Smart move Manny! Again, no reaction from the voters, or at least not much and it was not positive like the binays hope it would be. then came next Duterte.
    3) Duterte – I know I have read in one of the Philippine news papers that Duterte expressed his disinterest in running for president or vice president. Duterte himself said he did not want to run for the two highest offices in the land. So why is binay announcing that he would ask Duterte to be his running mate. Is jejomar binay using Duterte for his fame to be elected in 2016? Quite possible and in my opinion, yes, jejomar binay wants to use anyone who is well liked by the FILIPINOs to win, by hook or by crook, the presidency in 2016. Quite obvious a desperate, very desperate move by the infamous jejomar binay. then, the binays are now targeting another famous politician, well liked and respected by the public. jejomar binays next target is Vilma Santos.
    4) Vilma Santos – again, I have read news articles that Vilma Santos had made it known that she was not interested to run for the two highest offices in the land. So what is jejomar binay really trying to do? If these personalities have expressed their disinterest in running for president or vice president, why is jejomar binay and his dynasty insisting on these personalities as his running mate? Why? These personalities are well liked and respected and jejomar binay wants to use their fame to win in 2016.
    Ang kapal talaga ng mga binay, lalo na si jejomar binay. Ang ugali ni binay is this – bahala na kung anong isipin ng mga pinoy basta manalo lang ako sa 2016. jejomar binay is so very very desperate that he keeps using famous personalities to make FILIPINOs think, he is well liked too.
    jejomar binay, in one of his many gimmicks, denied again that he made money on the overpricing of the makati building parking. The news said there was no overpricing. Who did jejomar binay pay to write this article in the news to say that the building was not overpriced and there was no strong evidence. His vice mayor at the time of this overpricing even admitted that he made money on the overpriced building. So if the vice mayor made money, the mayor made at least double. jejomar binay cannot escape the truth that the makati building parking was way overpriced. It is impossible for the building to cost billions.
    My fellow countrymen and women, I cannot force you to believe what I’ve read and what I believe of the infamous jejomar binay. But I can only write my opinion about the binay dynasty and hope that anyone and everyone who reads the news and my opinions will think hard before making a decision. I, for one, have not faith and trust in the binays for very good and obvious reasons.
    Since 1986, the binays have been in control of the makati mayoral seat. From the infamous jejomar binay, to his wife, and now his children. Do you really believe that none of them pocketed tax payers money? Since becoming mayor of makati, the binays move to a multi-million dollar homes in Dasmarinas Village, owned beach resorts, and owned numerous very expensive SUVs and cars. The monthly salary of the mayor of makati cannot afford all these luxuries now owned by the binay dynasty.
    It is all up to you to believe the lies and deceits of the binay dynasty. IF you elect him in 2016, there is no one to blame but yourselves. We will have to put up with the binay dynasty for six years and all of the binays will end up being president, guaranteed!
    president jejomar binay
    president mrs binay
    president nancy binay
    president jun jun binay
    president abi binay
    That’s a lot of tax payers money in their pockets. If you don’t thinks so, I promise you will regret it.
    NO TO jejomar binay in 2016, NO TO binay dynasty in 2016.
    GOD Bless The Philippines, GOD Bless Our Children And Theirs, GOD Bless Our Future – Yours And Mine. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS, MABUHAY ANG MGA PILIPINO!!!
    NO TO jejomar binay in 2016.

  • Ramon P. Cabrera

    I’d rather have Lacson-Duterte team for 2016. Lawbreakers in and out of the government will be having nightmares.

  • frudo

    kawawang Pinas majority ng Pinoy ay mga bobotante!


    sa MI- CHOCO tandem ako!..matuloy lng!..( Miriam Defensor & Chocolate)