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World failing over climate change – UN

London (AP) – International leaders are failing in their fight against global warming, one of the United Nations’ (UN) top climate officials said Tuesday, appealing directly to the world’s voters to pressure their politicians into taking tougher action against the buildup of greenhouse gases.

Halldor Thorgeirsson told journalists gathered at London’s Imperial College that world leaders weren’t working hard enough to prevent potentially catastrophic climate change. “We are failing as an international community,” he said. “We are not on track.”

Thorgeirsson, a senior director with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, was speaking with two years left to go before the world powers gather in Paris for another round of negotiations over the future of the world’s climate, which scientists warn will warm dramatically unless action is taken to cut down on the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

One of the main points of contention is how to divide the burden of emissions cuts between industrialized nations and emerging economies such as India and China, the world’s top carbon polluter. The lack of progress in recent years has fueled doubts over whether a binding deal is possible at all.

Thorgeirsson seemed to strike a pessimistic note Tuesday, talking down the idea that Paris,  or any other conference, would produce a grand bargain that would ensure the reductions needed to prevent a dangerous warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. He even seemed to suggest that a global solution to the issue wasn’t likely until the effects of climate change came barreling down on peoples’ heads or flooding into their homes.

“I don’t think that an international treaty will ever be the primary driver for the difficult decisions to be made,” he warned. “It’s the problem itself that will be the primary driver,  and the consequences of that problem.”

Quizzed on the repeated failure of the international community to organize a global deal on greenhouse gases, he said that the politicians involved had to be held to account. “This is a question that needs to be asked at the ballot box,” he said. “This is a question that needs to be asked of leaders at all levels.”

Thorgeirsson was in London for the launch of a joint study by Imperial’s Grantham Institute for Climate Change and its Energy Futures Laboratory of the estimated cost of halving the world’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.


  • レオン ジョン

    Two words, GREED and STUPIDITY……the technology’s been there for decades. Governments don’t want to utilize it. They claim it will kill the petro industry, it will kill the auto industry, it will kill manufacturing industry, and so on and so forth. Stupidity, people are too lazy to separate garbage for recycling, people are too lazy to plant trees, people are too lazy to walk, too lazy to ride bicycles. Industrial machines of China, India and other emerging economies are spewing millions of tons of toxic gases in the atmosphere and wastes from their factories and mills into the rivers and streams. Countries cannot control population, and cannot fully educate it’s people regarding this issue….Self destruction at its finest..

    • Dale Jose C. Gozar

      Corruption in
      my definition is the product of an IDLE or LAZY Mind, selfishness/greed and
      materialism because corrupt Leaders do not realize the consequence of pocketing
      public funds or accepting bribes. Money should be circulated to generate more
      money and employment, thus fueling our economy. Jessie J’s “Price Tag”: It’s
      Not About Money

      • レオン ジョン

        i totally agree. but that is beside the point and one country don’t make a difference. it has to be global. the awareness of climate change, its effect. the earth is just a tiny speck in the universe. if we keep on destroying it the only options left is to move to….Mars, Neptune, maybe Saturn……