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Board Results

Chemical Engineer 11-23-15
Customs Broker 11-16-15

Aeronautical Engineer 11-09-15
Nurse - Middle East  11-06-15

Radiologic & X-ray Technologist - Middle East 11-03-15

Electronics Engineer & Technician - Middle East 10-29-15
Master Plumber - Middle East 10-28-15

Civil Engineer - Middle East 10-27-15

Fisheries Technologist 10-26-15

Architect 10-23-15
Respiratory Therapist  10-21-15

Electrical Engineer - Middle East 10-20-15
Metallurgical Engineer 10-15-15

Certified Public Accountant 10-15-15
Mechanical Engineer 10-09-15

Medical Technologist 09-16-15
Respiratory Therapist 09-16-15

Electrical Engineer 09-10-15

Veterinarian 09-04-15

Agricultural Engineer 09-02-15
Physician 08-26-15

Nutritionist-Dietitian 08-25-15

Physical and Occupational Therapist 08-12-15

Guidance Counselor 08-10-15
Social Worker 08-03-15

Pharmacist 07-22-15

Nurse 06-23-15

Architect 06-19-15
Real Estate Broker 05-28-15

L.E.T. Secondary 05-22-15

L.E.T. Elementary 05-22-15
Accounting (CPA) 05-22-15

Chemical Engineer 05-18-15

Librarian 04-28-15
Criminologist 04-28-15

Midwife  04-23-15
Electronics Engineer 04-17-15

Electronics Technician 04-17-15
Bar Exam Results 2014
Medical Technologist 03-17-15
Professional Mechanical Engineer 03-11-15
Mechanical Engineer 03-11-15
Professional Electrical Engineer 12-23-14

Civil Engineer (Middle East) 12-04-14"
Civil Engineer 12-11-14
Civil Engineer (Middle East) 12-04-14
Teachers (Middle East) 12-01-14
Mechanical Engineer 12-02-14
Teachers (Middle East) 12-01-14
Chemical Engineer 11-24-14
Criminologist 11-26-14
Chemical Engineer 11-24-14
Aeronautical Engineer 11-20-14
Master Plumber (Middle East) 11-21-14
Aeronautical Engineer 11-20-14
Marine Deck 11-18-14
Customs Broker 11-14-14
Midwife 11-13-14
Nurse Middle East 11-10-14
Interior Designer 11-06-14

Architect 11-05-14

Psychologist 11-04-14
C. P. A. Middle East 11-03-14
L.E.T Secondary 10-27-14
L. E.T Elementary 10-27-14
Professional Electronics Engineer 10-22-14
Electronics Engineer 10-22-14
Electronics Technician 10-22-14
C. P. A. 10-15-14
Professional Mechanical Engineer 10-10-14
Mechanical Engineer 10-10-14

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FOX has just announced through the Gotham Twitter account that a new exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be aired…

LONDON (AP) — Harry Potter readers have long wanted to know: Why did the boy wizard choose to honor Severus Snape — a teacher who had been so…

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  • November 27, 2015


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    P50 Million

  • November 27, 2015


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  • November 27, 2015


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  • November 27, 2015


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  • November 27, 2015


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Death toll rises to 22 in Nigeria suicide attack on Shiite Muslim procession

The death toll in a suicide bombing on a Shia Muslim procession near the northern Nigerian city of Kano has risen to 22 after one more person was confirmed dead, one of the organisers said Saturday.…

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Send funds from overseas

The Filipino’s resiliency has led us to thrive in almost all parts of the world. It’s common for a Filipino family to have a tita in the US,…

McDonald’s vows legal action on rodent planted in burger

MEXICO CITY — McDonald's Mexico says it will prosecute whoever planted a rodent's head in one of its hamburgers, causing authorities to close down one of its restaurants…

US, European stocks shrug off China sell-off

US and European stock markets ended little changed Friday, shrugging off a steep sell-off in China sparked by news of investigations into several brokerages.…

Globe Telecom signs 5-year partnership with Huawei

Globe Telecom and Huawei Technologies just signed a 5-year partnership to enhance and expand the former’s mobile network via a “mobile innovation center” for products and solutions. The…

Tiu group acquires hydro power assets

The Tiu group has acquired three mini-hydro power assets from long-time Filipino project developer Philippine Power and Development Company (Phipodeco), hence, cementing its official plunge into having commercial…

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Bishop urges faithful to offer “gift of self” on first Sunday of Advent

As Christians across the world mark the First Sunday of Advent on Sunday, a Church leader called on the faithful to offer Jesus “the gift…

‘Cruising’ contest winners dine in style at Manila Hotel’s Mabuhay Palace

A sumptuous and lavish Cantonese dinner was enjoyed by the winners of the 15th leg of Cruising magazine’s “Taste: Travel for Food” contest at  Manila…

DOJ begins PI hearings of ‘SAF 44’ case

Almost a year after the bloody encounter in Mamasapano town, Maguindanao, the families of the slain members of the 55th Special Action Company of the…

Six suspects fall in QC drug stings

The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) announced yesterday the arrest of six suspects including one of the most wanted illegal drug personalities at the district…

Singapore relaxes work permit rules for PH household workers

Filipino household service workers (HSW) in Singapore can now apply for a two-year work permit without being restricted by the expiry date of their passports,…

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The trouble with the truth

Hi Suzi and Paolo. I read your column a lot because I want to learn how ……

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Ma’am, yes Ma’am!

Dr. Nona Legaspi runs the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) like a military camp, with a ……

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